Project Risk Assurance (PRA)

PRA encompasses the identification and effective management of a projects risks to protect and enhance the project value, deliver a positive return on stakeholder investment & drive operational efficiency across project phases. It is achieved by the application of processes and personnel to provide a panoramic and more transparent view of all critical risks to the project and identifying the controls and mitigations to address them to deliver a project that is in line with financial investment decisions and stakeholder expectations.

“Project Risk Assurance provides visibility into key project risks, coordination among stakeholders for the management and mitigation of those risks, and ongoing monitoring that not only improves the risk management process and governance, but also creates value through improved operational performance in our increasingly complex project environments

Assurance & Verification

Development & Implementation of;

  • Project Execution Strategies
  • Pan Project Verification for Readiness Plans
  • Operation Readiness Strategies and Plans
  • Project Control Processes
  • Project Assurance Plans.
  • Project Assurance Reviews


Development and implementation of Preservation Strategies and procedures Management, Coordination and execution of preservation activities, Verification of suitability of preservation materials & techniques.

Hazardous Areas Management

Development and implementation of;

  • Hazardous Area Equipment inspection strategies and documentation
  • Coordination of Execution of EEHA inspections,
  • Hazardous Area Equipment verification and installation auditing.


Completions Management and Execution, System / Sub System breakdown, delineation, ITR development and management, Punch-List Management, Status Reporting, Defining Carry Over Work-Scopes, Systems Handover Development & Management.


Verification of Construction Completion, Integrated Schedule Reviews, Constructability Reviews, Provision of Construction Management, Auditing of Processes and Procedures, Preservation Management, Execution Strategies.


Management and Execution of Commissioning Activities for Major Projects, Streamlining of Existing Commissioning Plans and Activities, Schedule review and optimisation, Development & implementation of Commissioning Strategies, Execution Philosophies and plans.


Development of Start Up Plans and Modes for a Start-Up and Stay Up Approach, Facilities Start Up/Plant Performance Runs, Asset Handover Management, Develop Start-Up Procedures/Manuals, Start-Up Readiness Reviews, Pre-Start Safety Reviews.

Operational Readiness (OR)

Operational Readiness Planning, Management and implementation. Ensuring readiness for operations at P2A handover stage.